5 Tips For Handbag Leather Care

Keeping an authentic leather bag to retain its luster requires a little care.  Real leather is actually skin, so you need to care for it just like your own skin to remain supple and beautiful.  Here are some helpful tips to keep your leather bag to stay looking as luxurious as the day you bought it.

  1. Keep your leather bag out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Direct sunlight will lighten your leather bag’s color and cause fading.
  2. Once or twice a year, do a thorough cleaning with a quality leather cleaner to remove dirt build up. Clean your leather regularly with quick cleaning using a soft dry or damp cloth. Do not use anything that’s abrasive.
  3. Condition your leather bag every 3 – 6 months with a specialized leather conditioner and rub it in using a circular motion. There are also quality leather cleaners that are combined with a conditioner.
  4. Do not use oil as it will darken the color of your leather bag.
  5. To see if a leather cleaner or conditioner will affect your bag, do a spot test any new cleaner or conditioner first on a part of your bag that’s not visible.

      However the best way to care for a top-quality leather bag is to take it to a professional cleaner. Until then, take care of your leather bag and it will stay looking great no matter your lifestyle need!

      Learn everything you want to know about cleaning and caring for different kinds of leather as well as cleaning your purse and baby liners too.




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