Baby liner vs. Purse liner

If you’re a previous Frankie Cameron customer then you know all about our interchangeable tote and backpack liners. Not only are they removable (and washable) but there are also options;   baby liners, purse liners, and even down to the color of your liner! When purchasing one of our Totes, Backpacks, or Festa bags you will be given the option of which type of lining you would like. The option of ‘baby liner’ or ‘purse liner’, seems like an obvious lifestyle choice, Right? Well, not exactly; I’m here to tell you the benefits of both bag liners, whether you have a baby or not!


Babies, wear diapers for an average of eighteen months. We already know if you’ve purchased a Frankie Cameron bag you were treating yourself to a stylish baby bag for those eighteen months. But like a pair of work shoes, you can begin to associate those experiences so much with that item that it can just become your “Baby Bag”. But girl that doesn’t need to happen, you don’t need to stop treating yourself. The solution is so simple. Simply change your lining to our purse lining and it will feel like a completely different bag. Going out with the girls tonight and there’s not enough time to completely change out your bag? You don’t have to take anything out of the bag to remove the lining. Have your purse lining ready to go and it’s as simple a that! Make time in your day to do something for yourself.                  

All my girls out there who don’t have a baby, that does not mean you can’t style our baby liner. The difference between these linings... One just has way more pockets and comes with a small baby changing pad. Now I have so many DIY ideas for the baby pad if you’re not using it for its intended purpose. I won’t get into that but if you’re interested in hearing these ideas leave a comment below to let me know! Back to our baby liner, if you’re a college student or a motivated businesswoman, then adding more pockets to your life might be the solution to your busy lifestyle. We’re becoming more and more reliable on electronics but imagine being able to fit everything into one place. Do you love to travel? Then our Backpack with the baby lining might just be what you need for your next trip.                                  

If you can’t choose one why settle! Either one of our liners can be purchased separately without a bag! They can work for any kind of lifestyle, despite the names. We also have an array of colors to select in our purse liners. You will never get bored with your bag because it’s versatile enough to change its look, feel, and occasion. My favorite thing about the Frankie Cameron collection is how versatile these bags can be for everyone!


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