Leather Is Timeless

There are some things that never go out of style. We all love a good trend, but finding a piece that lasts is even better. When your closet is ever-evolving it becomes harder to know which quality items will be worth the investment. I’m an extreme bargain shopper but I also know when something is worthy of the price tag. Quality things hold their value and their life span might actually outlive you. You would be lying if you said you never had an accessory or clothing item that you used to death. Imagine if that wear only got better over time. Like I said quality that would outlive you.                     


If you haven’t already guessed; leather is the timeless material that your closet is craving. Leather handbag to be more specific. It provides a degree of quality to any style. Leather can make anything look powerful. It may surprise you how seamlessly a leather accessory will blend into your closet. No matter your style, no matter your stage in life. Leather goes with absolutely everything without even trying. If you’re investing in something that will last this long you want everything about it to live up to the expectation. With that being said we can shift our focus towards the innards or better known as the bag liner. In case you weren’t already aware it’s our favorite part about the Frankie Cameron Collection. You have the ability to take out and wash the liner of our leather bags. Keeping the inside just as durable and fresh as the outside.


Not yet convinced that you need leather in your closet? That’s okay, I can keep going. In fact, I’ll highlight six solid reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of the price tag. High-quality leather is durable lasting much longer than other materials. Genuine leather is known to be sturdy and resistant to wear.  We live in a world full of options and there is a variety of leather for you to choose from. Whether its hide, smooth, textured, or dyed leather it all has a sense of elegance. Easily becoming unique to you. The natural material is simple yet classy which will never go out of style. Like I said “leather is powerful” it portrays confidence and strength that stands the test of time. Leather is timeless. Since your leather bag is here to stay you’ll find great comfort knowing that it is easily maintained. My last and final argument is to Invest in yourself, the long term advantages are in your favor!


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