Why you need a weekender bag!

Ok, so this one is for both the women and men out there looking for the perfect weekender bag. So, what exactly is a weekender bag? How big are weekender bags? Is it acceptable for men to carry? We’ve got you covered! 

A weekender is a large travel bag, similar to a duffle bag, but more sophisticated, designed to hold all of your weekend essentials in one place. Think of it as something in-between a mini suitcase and duffle bag territory. What’s so great about these bags is that they are just the right size and have soft sides, which make them easy to store while traveling.

While for women it may be easier to carry around a smaller weekender bag, such as an oversized tote, there is no limit to the size of a weekender that men can carry... unless you’re going on a plane, it will count as your carry on! Depending on the size of your bag, it can either count as your personal item or carry on. If you need it to be a personal item, just remember it must fit under your seat!

Suitcases are overrated for small trips, that’s why you should invest in a well-made and durable weekender. They come in all sorts of materials ranging from genuine leather and hide to canvas and nylon. 

Picking just the right weekender bag might be hard, but here are our suggestions on what to look for when selecting one for yourself and family!

If you want to invest in a bag that will last, your best option is to purchase a genuine leather weekender. This kind of material is super durable and will last a lifetime if you take care of it! You should preferably look for a bag with both thick handles and shoulder straps as it is much more comfortable to carry. Finding a bag that gives you the option between straps is always an additional bonus!And not to mention, the best part about having a neutral leather weekender is that anyone in the family can carry this one around... so yesyour man wont be worried about carrying a bag around!

If you are going for a sleeker look, then go for a bag that does not have additional compartments and zippers on the outside. But still keep in mind inside compartments! Do you want to be able to organize the bag yourself? Or do you want the bag to do the organizing for you? Always take inside compartments and liners into consideration.

Speaking of liners... it should be easy to clean! There is nothing worse than spilling something on the inside of youbag and having to look at it forever. This is why it is important to look for either a dark or washable liner....or both!

Check out our Weekender bags here on the site! They come with a washable zip in zip out liner, detachable long strap and a variety of colors!

What type of weekender do you prefer? Let us know!

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