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Project Night Night: Sweet Dreams for Homeless Children

Why do we donate a portion of sales to Project Night Night? The mission of the organization is to provide homeless children from birth to pre-teen with childhood essentials. Each package is comprised of a security blanket, a children’s book, and a stuffed animal. Through their dedication to helping homeless children, Project Night Night was voted the “Best Children’s Charity” by San Francisco Magazine. They are the leading provider of nightmare comforts for homeless children, which is why have given them our support from the beginning. As a company created by a mom for moms, you can see why this cause is important to us. We believe that every child deserves this type of support which is why we donate...

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Why you need a weekender bag!

Ok, so this one is for both the women and men out there looking for the perfect weekender bag. So, what exactly is a weekender bag? How big are weekender bags? Is it acceptable for men to carry? We’ve got you covered!  A weekender is a large travel bag, similar to a duffle bag, but more sophisticated, designed to hold all of your weekend essentials in one place. Think of it as something in-between a mini suitcase and duffle bag territory. What’s so great about these bags is that they are just the right size and have soft sides, which make them easy to store while traveling. While for women it may be easier to carry around a smaller weekender bag, such as an oversized tote, there is no...

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Why Vegan Leather Backpacks Are Great

If you are looking for a stylish alternative to genuine leather bags, backpacks, and purses, then a vegan leather bag might be right for you! Not only do vegan accessories look great, but they help the environment as well! Vegan bags will let you carry out your everyday activities with a slightly smaller footprint. Over the past few years vegan bags have become quite popular. So whether you are looking for amore casual eco-friendly style backpack, a dressier vegan backpack, or a stylish baby bag, you will be able to find your perfect match. Let’s talk vegan leather baby bags! Just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean your style has to go out the door! Baby bags are great, but are they the most comfortable and efficient for your lifestyle? If you don’t think so, then...

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