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Handcrafted from sustainable cowhide on one side and buttery-soft genuine leather on the other, finished with black hardware and a detachable tassel, each unique Hide Braid Bag provides options to choose your look.

Whether you’re stashing that $10 bottle of pressed juice you “can’t” bring into the store with you or toting bottles of milk, spills happen. Our removable washable liners guarantee that no matter what life throws at you (or spills on you) a clean bag is just a wash away.

For our fashion-forward jet-setters and girl bosses, our washable purse liner featuring an interior zip pocket and two reach-in pockets makes ink stains and lipstick explosion disasters a thing of the past.

For the chic mamas, our baby liner turns your tote into the perfect diaper bag. Inside you’ll find two interior zip pockets with a matching changing pad and six interior elastic pouches for maximum storage and organization. Fully washable and water-resistant, spills are no longer an emergency.

With removable liner options, your Braid Bag will be your trusted sidekick through all life’s journeys from school, work, travel, baby, and beyond!

Each hide bag is one-of-a-kind! We believe in using the entire hide to be as sustainable as possible, so hide patterns will vary. For example, some bags may be all brown hide! Please email for images of the exact bags available.

Measures 13 1/2" H x 20 3/4" W x 6 3/8" D