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Project Night Night

At Frankie Cameron, we’re passionate about giving back! Because of this, we proudly donate a portion of sales from every single bag sold to Project Night Night, an award-winning Bay Area-based nonprofit organization that supports disadvantaged children. By equipping children ages 0-12 living in homeless and low-income situations with Night Night Packages, they will be ready to learn, feel less stressed, and be reminded of their value.

Project Night Night also sets a foundation for lasting change by providing meaningful, hands-on volunteer opportunities to hundreds of individuals and organizations each year.

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What's a Night Night Package?

Each Night Night Package contains a blanket, a book and a stuffed animal, all nestled in a special tote bag. Each bag is designed to be age appropriate, up to pre-teen boys and girls. Night Night Packages are tailor-made to give homeless and underserved children familiar objects of comfort to reduce stress and to strengthen the trust bond between the caregiver (the shelter) and the recipient (the child).

In addition, Project Night Night places 35,000 new books into the hands of children every year. Children’s book distribution programs such as Project Night Night's were created to provide greater access to high-quality, age-appropriate reading materials for children from low-income homes as one effort to address the achievement gap. Project Night Night strives to give children something they can call their own, something that can give them that little bit of comfort and confidence to deal with what's in front of them.